The Wedding Treasury

The Wedding Treasury


A collection of inspirational essays, relevant customs and laws, magnificent illumination, for the most meaningful time in a couple's life.

•Customs through the Ages •The Chattan, Kallah and Har Sinai
•A Personal Yom Kippur •Loving through Giving •The Mezinka Tantz •Foundations of Holiness •Sheva Berachot û Building Worlds
•Laws of the Aufruf, Chupah and more

  • 240 pages
  • 8 1/2""x 11"" gift size edition
  • Luxurious embossed and stamped artistic cover
  • Satin ribbon marker
  • Full color illumination throughout the volume



קיים במלאי

תאריך הוצאה לאור: 06/10/2013
מק״ט: WWTH
מספר דפים: 240
קטגוריה: Books and Seforim
ISBN: 142261378X
ISBN: 9781422613788
סוג כריכה: Hardcover
גודל: 11.000 X 8.500 אינצ׳