Tell Me a Tale

Tell Me a Tale


Wisdom, wit, and wonder infuse each imaginative tale in this newly released collection of stories written and illustrated by celebrated
storyteller and artist Rabbi Yitzy Erps.

Each tale contains a crafted, subtle message which will stay with young readers long after the book is back on the shelf!
Young bookworms will thrill to read again and again the delightful stories of The Archer, The Blind Man and Mr. Vilnor, The Hole in the Cover, A Dance in the Mud, Look at Yourself in the Mirror First, and more!



קיים במלאי

תאריך הוצאה לאור: 23/02/2024
מק״ט: TMTH
מספר דפים: 64
קטגוריה: Books and Seforim
ISBN: 1422600181
ISBN: 9781422600184
סוג כריכה: Hardcover
גודל: 11.000 X 8.500 אינצ׳