Tefilasi: Personal Prayers for Women (Brown Cover)

Tefilasi: Personal Prayers for Women (Brown Cover)

שם מחבר:

Please, Hashem! Bless us with…

  • Good Children!
  • Easy parnasah
  • A perfect shidduch!
  • A refuah shleimah!

Since the days of our Imahos, women have been beseeching Hashem and thanking Him through “techinos” – personal prayers. This monumental collection includes techinos for almost every situation, both in the original Hebrew and in an easy-to-understand English translation that enables you to say them with kavanah, really understanding the words of each precious tefillah.

  • Convenient 4.5”x7” size, perfect for gifts and to carry with you
  • Convenient Ribbon Bookmark
  • Includes Bircas Hamazon for Ashkenazim and Sephardim


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