Take Me to the Zoo

Take Me to the Zoo


Natural history from a Torah point of view!
Children will love this book about three of the most amazing animals in
Creation! Lavishly illustrated with magnificent color photos on large 9×12
pages, Take Me to the Zoo tells all about lions, snakes and
elephants – creatures that are a source of fascination for everyone. Tsivia
, author of the best-selling
Take Me To The Holy Land
shares remarkable facts about the animals. But this delightful book is far from
a mere "nature study." The author relates the significance of these animals in
the Torah and recounts stories and observations about them from the Talmud,
Midrash and other traditional sources. Young children will delight in looking
through the pictures; children 6-10 will learn how to view our astounding
natural world through the lens of Torah. This book is a must for every school
and home!

 Large 9" x 12" page size; Lavishly illustrated in full color



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תאריך הוצאה לאור: 12/10/2003
מק״ט: ZOOH
מספר דפים: 95
קטגוריה: Gifts Under $30
ISBN: 1578190991
ISBN: 9781578190997
סוג כריכה: Hardcover
גודל: 12.000 X 9.000 אינצ׳