Praying with Meaning

Praying with Meaning


The revolution continues

Praying with Fire (volumes 1 and 2) began a "tefillah revolution" for tens of thousands whose prayers were immeasurably enriched by its potent insights and powerful strategies. Now Rabbi Heshy Kleinman turns his brilliant understanding of tefillah to the actual prayers themselves.

Beginning with the first words a Jew says every morning – Modeh Ani – and moving throughout the prayers we recite each day, Rabbi Kleinman brings his trademark combination of scholarship and spirituality to the words of tefillah. Like a master jeweler displaying a precious gem, he shows us the many sparkling facets of our prayer's holy words.

Praying with Meaning looks at the simple meaning of specific words in the tefillah, followed by an examination of the prayer's essential concepts. Then, with his genius for transforming lofty spiritual truths into practical action, the author guides us into visualizing images and finding strategies to bring these concepts into our daily routine. He weaves stories and parables to make clearer to us what the prayers are referring to, and shares important halachic information on each prayer.

Praying with Fire showed us the vital importance of tefillah. Now – isn't it time to understand what we're saying?



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