Hundreds of families rely on him to guide them through the shoals and rapids of life. Now, let him enhance your marriage. A wise and sensitive guide to making any marriage even better! Lots of the happy children and adults in the Holy City and lots of rejuvenated marriages are living testimony to Rabbi Pliskin's sensitivity and skill. Let him bring contentment and joy into your life or the lives of those you love. Rabbi Pliskin shares the common sense, practical approach that has worked wonders for hundreds of families. His positive attitude and encouraging comments will be a springboard for many a healthy family discussion. Best of all, he illustrates his advice with hundreds of real-life stories.


קיים במלאי

תאריך הוצאה לאור: 11/10/1998
מק״ט: MRGH
מספר דפים: 532
קטגוריה: Books and Seforim
ISBN: 1578192730
ISBN: 9781578192731
סוג כריכה: Hardcover
גודל: 9.000 X 6.000 אינצ׳