Living With Bitachon for Children

Living With Bitachon for Children

We All Work On Our Bitachon.
Now Let Our Children Experience It Too!

We all want the best for our children (and, of course, our grandchildren!). What better gift can we give them than to teach them from their earliest years that Hashem loves them, He is there for them, and they can trust Him.

  • The Gemara shows us how a simple chesed … saves a man’s life
  • Rainboots and umbrellas … and a miracle … teach an unforgettable lesson in bitachon
  • A dangerous true-life escape … and the power of “Ein Od Milvado”


With its engaging stories, fabulous illustrations, and short summaries of the lessons of emunah and bitachon, Living with Bitachon for Children will give children a sturdy foundation of trust in Hashem that will last a lifetime.


קיים במלאי

מק״ט: YLWBH
קטגוריה: Children’s