Angels in Orange

Angels in Orange

Angels in orange – Incredible stories of emunah, hashgachah, miracles and courage as more than 1,700 United Hatzalah volunteers rescue and treat the wounded on Simchas Torah, October 7th, 2023.

As soon as they learned of the horrific Hamas attacks in the south, more than 1,700 United Hatzalah volunteers dropped everything, donned their orange vests and raced to save as many lives as they could, braving missiles, sniper fire, and terrorists hidden throughout the area.

Bestselling author Rabbi Nachman Seltzer has written their amazing stories of courage and survival with great sensitivity for reader’s feelings. We will be inspired and uplifted as we read about their mesiras nefesh, Hashem’s hashgachah pratis, the miracles that almost every volunteer saw and experienced, and their selfless caring for their fellow Jews during one of the most dangerous times in Israel’s history.
It is a book that you will not be able to put down


The Epic Story That Began With 90 Seconds Continues…

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